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Central Office: (+27) 33 392 7230
Social Work centre: (+27) 33 392 7240

Our Location

133 Jabu Ndlovu Street 3201
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Pietermaritzburg mental health

About Us


Pietermaritzburg Mental Health is a long established non-government organisation in existence since 1945. The NGO renders services to persons with mental disabilities. The services offered include social work, residential care and protective employment. Indirect services to individuals and communities focuses on mental health awareness, community development and education.


Pietermaritzburg Mental Health empowers people to ensure optimum quality of life.


In pursuit of its Mission the organization:


Pietermaritzburg Mental Health believes that people with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities have a right to a place in society and a right to education, training, work and social inclusion. The organization strives to create awareness about mental well-being to dispel the myths and stigma attached to these disabilities. Persons with psychosocial needs face social and employment difficulties and challenges related to the stigma attached to their conditions.

The organisation’s largest challenge is to create awareness about services. This is critical in terms of accessibility to treatment facilities and also the prevalence of ignorance of the illness and the isolation of persons with mental disabilities.

Too often people with mental disabilities are denied the appropriate education and work opportunities and are socially side-lined, abused and exploited. The organisation strives to help them to overcome the obstacles that deny them the appropriate opportunity to reach their full potential.

How to get involved.

There are many different ways to support our work – from donating cash, gifts in kind and time.

In whichever way you want to get involved, know that you are making a valuable contribution to the nation’s mental health – as well as helping to support those who have a mental diisability.